Redge Guardian Platform

A carrier-grade DDoS mitigation platform.

How it works?

Redge Guardian is a carrier-grade, software-defined DDoS mitigation platform, ready to handle fast moving, terabit scale attacks, including IoT-based threats. Redge Guardian provides a first layer of network security and allows to inspect and filter 100M+ pps on a single, commodity x86 server.

platform how it works
platform how it works

Redge Guardian leverages unique dataplane architecture, which moves packet processing pipeline outside of OS kernel. To date, comparable performance level was achievable on FPGA and ASIC based platforms only.

Comprehensive protection

Redge Guardian Platform traffic inspection pipeline comprises of signature-based stateless filters, half-state TCP inspection and high- performance L7 regexp engine. Signature updates are provided periodically, basing on analysis on ongoing attacks and emerging threats. Flexible rule grammar allows to design custom rulesets within minutes.

platform protection

Deployment scenarios

Redge Guardian Platform is ready for multi-tenancy and can be deployed either inline or out-of-path, as a physical or virtual appliance, enabling carriers to offer value added services for the customers. Complicated deployment scenarios can include integration with existing self-service portals.

deployment scenarios


In this scenario, Redge Guardian Platform acts as a filtering bridge between pair of ports.

deployment scenarios


Upon attack detection, /32 more specific routes are injected into transit/peering VRF, causing traffic redirection to Redge Guardian Platform. Clean trafic is reinjected into IP core.

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Check our datasheet for more details regarding Redge Guardian on-premise.

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Or maybe cloud protection?

Redge Guardian Cloud is an infrastructure protection provided in the cloud.

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