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Redge Guardian Cloud

The Redge Guardian protects the government-sponsored Polish Nationwide Education Network (OSE) - with up to 100G of clean traffic.

Redge Guardian Cloud

Efigence specialises in the field of innovation for banks and financial services. The Redge Guardian protects its core banking deployments.

Redge Guardian CloudRedge Guardian Platform

R22 Group is the leader in the Polish web hosting & domain market. Redge Guardian provides hybrid protection of its network and services.

Redge Guardian Cloud

e-point SA is a software house that specialises in e-commerce projects. The Redge Guardian protects its core deployments in financial industries.

Redge Guardian Cloud chose Redge Guardian for the ultimate protection of its webhosting and domain registration infrastructure.

Redge Guardian CloudRedge Guardian Platform

CloudFerro has implemented a Redge Guardian solution to protect its OpenStack cloud products and services against DDoS attacks.

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