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Redge Technologies has developed Redge Guardian and Redge Media. Part of the iliad Group.

Redge Guardian - DDoS mitigation, DDoS protection, DDoS cleansing, DDoS platform

Redge Guardian

Redge Guardian is a carrier-grade, software-defined DDoS mitigation platform, ready to handle fast-moving, terabit scale attacks, including IoT-based threats. Since 2007, we have been securing the infrastructure for public entities, internet service providers, financial institutions, and many more, supporting millions of end clients. We can be trusted.
Redge Media

Redge Media

Redge Media is the complete video streaming platform dedicated for broadcasters and telcos to extend their audience. E2E OTT platform available in PaaS and on-premises models and consists of a comprehensive Service Delivery Platform and Video Delivery Platform, including a CDN operating in edge computing architecture. Trusted by the industry. The leader in the CEE region.

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