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Carrier-grade DDoS mitigation solution ready to handle fast-moving, terabit scale attacks. Ensure the continuity of your business and prevent damage to reputation and revenue loss.

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Understanding Threats

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Are you prepared to protect your business from DDoS attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, causing a huge threat to businesses and organizations that provide online services. The average cost of a DDoS attack for small and medium-sized businesses is $120,000. Learn about emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Key Industries

Anyone can be a target. Discover our customer case studies and learn how Redge Guardian effectively protects our clients’ infrastructure.
Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Protect your end-users, access network, CGNATs and GGSNs. Upsell DDoS service to your customers. Reduce downtime risk. Provision scrubbing platform in each peering PoP.

Content providers

Content provider

Ensure that your platform is always reachable and consistently delivers content. Protect your load balancers, DNS and HTTP stack.



Massive DDoS attack against one of your customers? Make sure your shared hosting platform, rack or entire physical location remains operational. Protect your critical DNS services, enforce large-scale per server bps/pps bandwidth rate limits.

Public Entity

Public Entity

Ensure essential public e-services are always available and no threat actor can take them down.



Protect your essential on-premises infrastructure like application servers, mail servers, VPN gateways. Make sure none of your IP transit connections gets congested and video call quality is preserved.

Financial institution, software defined DDoS, fragment flood

Financial institution

Secure your transaction and trading platforms, ensure they are always reachable and that none of your IP transit connections get congested. Comply with local regulatory requirements.

E-commerce, DDoS threat, DDoS botnet, Mirai botnet


Protect your trading platform, secure your revenue stream. Reduce downtime risk.



Prevent your students or other bad actors from taking down educational network resources or e-learning platforms. Make sure exams and other important activities can’t be interrupted with massive DDoS attacks.



Real time gaming, e-sport, e-betting and similar services are very sensitive to any network quality issues. Protect your essential endpoints, enforce multiple layers of rate limits. Work with our DPDK dataplane development team to further inspect and pre validate your proprietary protocols.

Get ultimate protection

Redge Guardian protects against a wide range of known and zero-day attacks, including reflected NTP, SSDP, CLDAP and memcached floods, DNS attacks, TCP SYN or ACK floods, and many more. Redge Guardian starts mitigation within milliseconds and does not impact legitimate traffic.

Redge Guardian provides you with:
1. Quick deployment
2. Highly performant, scalable dataplane architecture designed for COTS x86 platforms
3. L3-L7 inspection, mitigation and load balancing


We can tailor the solution to your needs with two types of installation: cloud or on-premises. It is also possible to combine both into a hybrid model whenever justified.
Redge Guardian Cloud, on-premises deployment, hybrid deployment, cloud deployment

Redge Guardian Cloud

Fully managed DDoS protection for online business. Our global terabit-scale scrubbing center network stops DDoS traffic before it reaches your network, server or application.


Multiple PoPs, major IXPs and transit providers

Automated and external activation

Simple setup with GRE tunnels using existing network devices

Constantly improved mitigation platform

Redge Guardian Platform, on-premises deployment, hybrid deployment, cloud deployment

Redge Guardian Platform

A carrier-grade, software-defined DDoS mitigation solution, ready to inspect and filter 100G/100M+ pps on a COTS x86 server running Linux. Available inline or off-path.


Available worldwide

Various deployment scenarios

Runs under Linux, leverages DPDK to bypass the network stack and deliver high performance

Elastic support options, fully managed solution

Key Benefits

Anyone can be a target. Discover our customer case studies and learn how does Redge Guardian effectively protects our client's infrastructure.
State of the art protection, anti-DDoS

State of the art protection

Our packet processing pipeline comprises stateless rulesets, stateful filters, and a regex engine, inspecting layers from 3 to 7.
Fully managed solution, DDoS attack

Fully managed solution

Security Operation Center provides 24/7/365 support and real-time analysis of ongoing attacks so as to quickly detect and mitigate emerging threats.
Flexibility, DDoS traffic


Redge Guardian leverages dataplane architecture and software-driven flexibility, enabling deployments either in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Redge Guardian in numbers

2+ Tbps scrubbing capacity

years of experience

18+ PoPs

Why Redge Guardian?


dataplane has multiple subsystems tailored for specific attacks, combining signatures, DPI, regex, hashlimits and packet correlation. This level of traffic inspection granularity cannot be attained with FlowSpec rules.

Highly performant

DPDK-based packet filtering dataplane is optimised for high packets per second and supports multiple 100G interfaces per server.


we’ve been providing DDoS mitigation services since 2016.


dataplane runs on COTS x86 servers; deploy as many scrubbing centers as needed.


our team has experience in high performance low level programming and IP networking.

Widely connected

our Redge Media CDN network (AS57811) delivers video services; we have multiple peerings and transit providers.