Redge Guardian keeps your infrastructure safe. Always.

Redge Guardian protects from the widest range of known and zero-day attacks, including reflected NTP/SSDP/CLDAP/memcached floods, DNS attacks, TCP floods and more. Redge Guardian starts mitigation within milliseconds and does not impact legitimate traffic.

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Are you prepared to protect your business from DDoS attacks?

Recent IoT vulnerabilities and rise of new type of botnets, like Mirai, allowed attackers to enter terabit-scale era, threatening even the largest businesses. Learn about emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Better be safe than sorry.

Key benefits

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State of the art protection

Our packet processing pipeline comprises of stateless rulesets, stateful filters and regexp engine, covering layers from 3 to 7.

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Fully managed solution

Security Operation Center provides 24/7/365 support and real-time analysis of ongoing attacks in order to quickly detect and mitigate emerging threats.

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Redge Guardian leverages dataplane architecture and software-driven flexibility, allowing deployments either in cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

Anyone can be a target

Discover our customer case studies and learn how does Redge Guardian effectively protects our client's infrastructure.

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